7 Bridal Registry Must Haves

When I was planning my wedding I was very overwhelmed by putting together a bridal registry. Are you engaged or planning your wedding? Or are you looking to fill your kitchen with useful appliances? Today I am sharing 7 kitchen tools that I consider must haves.

Kitchenaid Mixer – If you’re into baking and like to spend time in the kitchen, a nice Kitchenaid mixer is a luxury. I love mine, its an Artisan, not the larger professional, and it suits my uses well. I can use it to make cookie dough, egg noodles, cake and frosting. If you’re a zealous cook, Kitchenaid makes a plethora of attachments, like a slicer, ice cream maker, or a pasta maker.

Bread Machine – I LOVE my bread machine. I think this is one of the most useful and practical appliances in the kitchen. Have you looked at the ingredients list on the back of a loaf of bread lately? When you bake your own bread, you know the ingredients you and your family are eating are the ones you put into the pan. This is usually, flour, water, olive oil, salt and yeast. I use my bread machine to bake wheat, white, rosemary breads, and I make pizza dough. A bread machine saves lots of money on bread and pizza, its a win.

Slow Cooker – A slow cooker is a working girl’s best friend. What’s better than having a meal ready when you walk through the door? If you work long hours, I suggest finding a slow cooker with at timer. If you’re local, a crock pot with a “high” and “low” setting is perfect. A slow cooker is a great addition to any kitchen. Need inspiration for meals? Try lentil soup, mushroom stew, split pea soup, or Sunday football chili.

Food Processor – I have a Cuisinart food processor. It’s such a help in the kitchen. The reason why I’m sharing the brand is that this particular processor comes with two sized bowls that nest, and most others don’t. The food processor is extremely helpful in making hummus, chopping vegetables, shredding cabbage or lettuce.

Coffee Maker – I love to start off my Saturday morning with a hot mug of coffee. If you must have a cup’o joe first thing, find a coffee maker with a timer, It’s a wonder. As I said with the slow cooker, I like having things ready when I need them! It’s important to note that if you have limited counter space, be sure to find a coffee maker that fits. You may also want to find one that automatically shuts off after a certain amount of time, to avoid a fire hazard.

Large Chef’s Knife – Contrary to what one might think, a kitchen does not need a large set of knives, just a good chef’s knife. I love my large chef’s knife, the blade is 7 inches. A large chef’s knife can chop vegetables and mince garlic with ease. Be sure to keep it clean, never put it in the dishwasher, and always store it safely.  Save your counter space and avoid a large block. If possible, look for a knife whose blade and handle are one continuous piece.

Magic Bullet – I just added a magic bullet to my kitchen collection and it’s a handy appliance. So far, I’ve made smoothies, salad dressing, ground coffee beans and flax seeds. I can see it being helpful for mincing garlic and I’m excited to make salsa. I was able to put together a green smoothie in the large mug and add the travel attachment in no time.

What do you consider a kitchen must have? What are your favorites? Are you putting together a bridal registry or looking to fill your kitchen with helpful and time saving appliances?

Note: I am sharing these appliances, brands and ideas because I like the products. I am not associated or affiliated with any of these companies. Thanks!

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