Throwing a Party and Eating Healthy

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Hosting a party is a lot of fun, it’s an opportunity to get together with friends and enjoy an evening together. It’s also an opportunity to splurge and eat way more than anticipated. We’ve all been there!

In an effort to stay on track, I wanted to share a tip that I’ve been using when getting together with friends and snacks are involved. And that tip is plan ahead and do the math.

If you’re using a food diary or keeping track on a website this will be incredibly helpful for you – if you’re not, it will still give you a ballpark idea of what you should stick to.

Look at what you are serving, check the boxes of appetizers and enter them into your diary. Look at serving sizes and plan how many of each thing you are going to eat. I give myself freedom to eat as many veggies as possible because they’re so good for you. They also keep your hands busy when chatting (and away form the candy dish). Additionally, keep an eye on the chips – they are tricky and can add up quickly!

Once you get an idea of how many calories you are budgeting for the event, spend them as you wish. Don’t forget to add beverages – if it’s a glass of wine or a can of coke, liquids still have calories and sugar. You can always have seltzer with lime or an iced tea.

At the party, load up your plate with what you’ve planned. When you are done put the plate in the sink and be done. The same goes for your glass – it’s hard to refill when it is in the sink!

Also don’t fret and forget to enjoy your party. You can still eat stick to your healthy eating plan and enjoy yourself. Have fun!

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