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Grocery stores can be sneaky. I received an advertisement from my local grocery store that promoted a box of Cheez-Its for $1.99. At first look that sounds like a great deal, there’s a limit of 4 per customer. This makes the customer in me think “What a bargain, I better grab four now before they’re gone”. Of course, it’s natural, it has the magic price of $1.99. Upon further inspection, it isn’t a huge bargain at all. Why? To find out if your money is being spent as efficiently as possible, take a closer look at the unit price per pound.

This is the smaller box, it’s the one advertised for $1.99. It’s 7.9 oz of crackers (which is not that much). Before the sale, the price per pound is $5.32. What this means is that if I bought a pound of Cheez-Its I would pay $5.32. Now take a look at the lower part of the tag at the discount. With the score’s discount card you save $.50 and the final cost is $1.99. The price per pound is now $4.25. Better – but is it the best?

On the shelf below, the larger box is 13.7 oz and costs $3.29, and at first it looks like more. Well, it is more money, but its also a lot more product for your money. If we examine the unit price per pound for the larger box it’s $3.85. You’re getting more crackers for your money (and a lot more than the small box’s before sale price).

When I’m shopping, or trying to decide between two products, I always take a look at the price per pound. It’s a quick way of knowing how to get the most of your money.

Another Tip? Don’t eat too many Cheez-Its, They’re tasty but they’re also a sometimes food. 🙂

What are your favorite shopping tips? Do you look for deals or stay with a particular brand? Or are you a coupon clipper? Share your thoughts below.

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