How to Save Yourself Time Next Year | Holiday Cards

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Today I wanted to write a post to share a simple process that will save you time next year with your holiday cards.

  1. Create a spreadsheet with each of the following categories: Name, Children’s Names, Address, City, State, Zip, Phone
  2. Add the names of your card recipients in the spreadsheets, fill the spreadsheet out to your best ability.
  3. Save envelopes! As you receive your holiday cards, instead of recycling the envelopes, put them into a pile and when you have time insert the addresses into the spreadsheet.
  4. Make a note of family member’s names and put that into the list as well. This way you will be able to write a special note next year to everyone.
  5. Save your document and in the file name date it! For example: HolidayCardList-12-24-11.doc. As the year follows update your list with new addresses.

By setting up a spreadsheet today you will save yourself a lot of time and worry in 12 months! Some spreadsheet programs can print labels or print on the envelopes!

Do you have a system to sending out your holiday cards? I’d love to hear your ideas and tips.

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