How To Remove Fuzzy Pills From Furniture

How to Remove Fuzzy Pills from Furniture4

It will drive you mad picking piece by piece from your furniture. The little fuzzy pills can come from a favorite blanket or sweater and never seem to go away. If you’re faced with problem there is an easy solution.

How to Remove Fuzzy Pills from Furniture2

I picked up this tip from Heloise and have been using it for a while. All you need is a cheap nail file or emery board. I got mine from CVS and bought a pack for a dollar or so.

Method: Take the nail file and gently rub in circles on your material.

Note: As always when trying a new method, test on a hidden area to make sure that this doesn’t destroy your couch.

Work in sections, you will notice that it takes some time but certainly works. Be mindful of your fingertips because it can be rough on them. (Unless you moonlight as an fine art or jewelry thief where you might need to remove your finger prints… then by all means have at it with gusto.)

Here is the finished product:

How to Remove Fuzzy Pills from Furniture3

Ta Da! Looks pretty good right?

You can use this method on sweaters and for the ladies: the thin lining on the inside of bras that accumulate fuzzies from sweaters… don’t laugh, you know what I mean.

I work on my couch as I catch up with my TV shows. I do it as needed or when we’re expecting company. I also look forward to purchasing a couch that does not collect pills. 🙂

Sadly, this is not the first cleaning diy for my couch, remember when it had a close encounter with a candle? Check out how to remove wax from furniture and carpeting here.

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