How To Deal With Stress

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Sometimes stress comes up on you and the most inconvenient times. Usually in connection to being extra busy, running low on sleep, or not having enough time to treat yourself well.

Once one thing happens, like falling behind on sleep, things start to snowball. I know, it’s been happening to me. I like to have everything in control and when there are too many balls juggling in the air, it’s tough to control them all.

So here are my tips on dealing with stress. If you’d like to share your thoughts I’d love to hear them.

  1. Get out in nature – Take a walk at lunch or on your way home. Open the windows for your commute. Sunshine and fresh air can help calm nerves.
  2. Drink a mug of tea – Green tea and chamomile tea calm me, it helps to center myself.
  3. Don’t say “oh screw it!” – Being stressed is an opportunity to hit the drive through or eat a pint of ice cream. Speaking from experience, guilt will inevitably follow. If you don’t have time to workout, compensate with healthy food. Keep the ship on its course. Things will fall into place.
  4. Smile – Maybe this falls into the category of fake it til you make it. I think it would be hard to argue that smiling makes you feel anything but better. Smile to yourself, your coworkers (surprise them), a baby in a stroller at the market, or even your pet. You will make someone else’s day better and your own.
  5. Take things one step at a time – Slow and steady. Keep your eye on the prize but make short achievable goals for yourself.
  6. Prioritize rest – I struggle with a battle of sleep and evening fun. I want to read a book or watch my favorite show with a new episode. I also hate waking up early and pulling myself out of bed in the morning. Sleep and rest are so important to your brain and body.
  7. Relax with a bubble bath – I’ve been finding a nice bubble bath with lavender soap soothes me and makes me feel clean and fresh before going to bed. I’m warm and ready for sleep. I believe that this helps me get asleep faster and have a good deep sleep. I hate being chilly and trying to warm up the bed and get comfortable. If you’re not a bath person, a shower will do. Top it off with lotion on your skin. Little things help you treat yourself right and make your attitude positive.
  8. Don’t neglect your family – Hopefully your family isn’t the cause of your stress! Its important to nurture the relationships you have with your loved ones. Often we find that its easy to snap at our family because they have to put up with us and they’re there. Make the time you have together count.
  9. Write down your feelings – This blog post… perfect example. I know other people are dealing with stress just as I am. Even if you write it out in a journal or speak your feelings to a friend. Share what’s inside. How does that saying go? A burden shared is a burden halved.
  10. Prep on the weekends – Use the weekends to prepare for the upcoming week. Make a plan to clean up, prepare a week’s worth of meals, have snacks ready so you don’t get cranky at 3 pm. This way you won’t be bogged down during the week with daily chores, everything will already be taken care of and all you have to do is maintain things and heat up your meals. Make it fool proof.
  11. Accept help – If someone offers help. Please, please take it. Don’t be too proud. 🙂

I hope this little list helps you. I would love to hear your tips and tricks to deal with stress and minimize stressors. Take good care of yourself you deserve it.


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