How to Calm Your Mind

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The last night I was laying in bed with a million things racing through my mind. We all have busy lives, thinking about what we have to do at work, what we’re planning for dinner, the bills we have to pay, the blog posts to write. I have a few tips to calm your mind and body.

  1. Tea – Make yourself a relaxing cup of tea. If it’s before bed, a sleepy time or bed time tea is great.  Chamomile calms my body and the warmth of the tea is soothing. Never underestimate the power of tea.
  2. Count your blessings – Recently, I found a quote on Pinterest suggesting that you’ll sleep better if you count blessings instead of sheep. It’s a great idea, think about all of the people you love, the friends you have, and what makes you happy. With your mind thinking happy thoughts, you will relax and may find yourself smiling.
  3. Stretch – Before getting into bed, take a moment to stretch your muscles. Stretching will increase the blood flow and make you feel comfortable when laying in bed. If you have a lot of time, try yoga. If not, choose a few poses from this article. Stretching in the middle of the day will help you too, breathe into the area you are stretching and visualize oxygen going to that muscle.
  4. Turn off the TV – If I fall asleep to a drama I will incorporate it into my dreams and that’s not good if you’re watching Criminal Minds. This will not quiet your mind, it will give you nightmares. Try to watch something happy before bed.
  5. Relaxing sounds – I have an app on my phone called Nature Sounds, I set the timer and relax. The app will slowly fade out when the time is up. You can mix your own sounds or find a preset combination. My favorite is light rain with a thunderstorm. When I would ride the train to New York I would close my eyes and listen to the ocean.  I remember the last time I sat on the beach and how relaxed and centered I felt. It’s a lot more relaxing than commuting chatter.

Quieting your mind and calming your body is necessary. Doing it takes time and effort. That’s because worrying is a hard habit to break.  But the more you practice it, the easier it becomes to put the problems aside and take care of yourself. I truly believe that everything is connected, working on your nutrition, exercise, and planning will contribute to a quiet mind and less stressful life.

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