Grow Your Own Flowers Without Spending A Penny

Grow Your Own Flowers Without Spending A Penny

I found myself singing “You gotta reduce, reuse, recycle” when I was starting flowers for my garden. I love doing things myself, saving money, and waste. So here’s how to start flowers for your garden for free. Of course you can also use this to start herbs or vegetables.

It takes a little time to save up all of your supplies but it’s something we all have on hand. If you need to, you can purchase the seeds at your local nursery or store but I saved mine from last year’s flowers. Impatiens are especially fun to collect, you have to get the seeds in the bag before it explodes!

What you’ll need:

  • Empty Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Rolls
  • An empty lettuce or spinach box
  • Potting Soil, or regular old soil
  • Seeds

How to:

  1. Cut toilet paper rolls in half or paper towel rolls in quarters.
  2. Place the flat side down in your empty lettuce box, arrange rolls so that they all stand upright. I ended up using 16.
  3. Fill each roll with soil. Don’t worry about spilling into the gaps, this is going to happen anyway so don’t drive yourself crazy.
  4. Fill tubes with seeds. I used a pinch of impatien seeds to each roll. I lightly pressed the seed down and covered it with a bit of soil.
  5. Water the seeds. I used a measuring cup with a spout to direct the water into each compartment. Be aware that this set up does not have a drainage system. We want to avoid a muddy mess so go easy on the watering. If you aren’t keeping these inside, you can poke holes in the bottom of the lettuce box to drain excess water. I am keeping mine in my upstairs window and need to keep things clean.
  6. Place box in a sunny place and regularly water.
  7. Soon you will have little plants to put in your yard.

I think Jack Johnson would be proud!

Grow Your Own Flowers Without Spending A Penny1Grow Your Own Flowers Without Spending A Penny2Grow Your Own Flowers Without Spending A Penny3Grow Your Own Flowers Without Spending A Penny4Grow Your Own Flowers Without Spending A Penny5

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