Food and Sleep

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Do you eat your dinner close to bed time? Kathy is talking about her schedule.

I was rudely reminded the other night about eating too close to bed time. I went out to dinner and probably ate more than I normally do. By the time I got home, it was time for bed. Even thought the foods were healthy, it was still too much that late at night. I fell asleep without a problem but I woke up about 4 times throughout the night and was uncomfortable. I forgot about not eating so close to going to bed.

It is best not to eat 3 to 4 hours before bed time. To be honest though, with my work schedule, it was about 2 hours for me. I tried not to eat a big meal that close to bedtime. Many times I would have the bigger meal at lunch and have my lunch size meal in the evening.

What you eat and how closely you eat before sleeping plays a part in your quality of sleep and how your body burns fat. The carbs turn into sugar. Eating protein and vegetables are the best things to eat. Make sure that you eat a smaller amount.

You body also burns fat while you are sleeping and if you haven’t recently put food in your body to burn, it will take from the stored fat. Eating too close to bedtime can actually lead to weight gain! I have actually heard on the news lately about how lack of sleep can aid in being overweight. When you are sleep deprived, your body craves more food and it can lead to overeating. You are already starting the day craving food. It can be a continuous cycle.

Remember to start the day with protein. It will stay with you longer and help to avoid snacking throughout the morning. Try to eat within the first hour after you wake up.

Paying attention to when you eat along with what you eat will help you have the greatest success. Not eating too close to bedtime can make you more comfortable and allow you to sleep more soundly. Taking time to relax before going to bed can also help in getting the best night’s sleep.

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