8 Excuses We Make to Cheat

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You do it, you know you do. I do it too. We cheat. Not on our significant others, on tests, or our taxes… On our healthy eating plans. Here are 8 excuses. How many do you make?

  1. I deserve this piece of candy – After a hard or bad day you should take care of yourself but don’t make it about food. Treat yourself to a nice bubble bath or a pedicure, don’t consume the calories for a quick reward.
  2. I will make up for this tonight/tomorrow – Skipping good healthy food to use calories on sweets or junk is a bad idea. Total calories are important but so are nutrients. Focus on total nutrients.
  3. I’m feeling down I need a piece of candy to pick me up – Go for healthy food instead. Skip the milky way and pick up an apple.
  4. I’ve done so well this week I can afford a piece… or twelve – Doing well is not a license to cheat. It’s taking a step toward slipsville.
  5. I exercised this morning I can have ice cream – Put down the spoon and step away from the freezer. You WILL feel guilty.
  6. My friend, sister, coworker, husband is having cake I should too – It’s so tough to stand up to peer pressure at a birthday party when everyone is having pizza and cake. Explain to them that you are trying to be healthy before the day and make a plan.
  7. It’s Saturday morning I can have this doughnut – Just because it is the weekend does not mean that calories don’t count. Your body does not know what day of the week it is. Sugar is sugar.
  8. I don’t have enough time for healthy food – It can be done and you can do it. This is an excuse we tell ourselves all too often.

Don’t feel bad. We don’t do these things intentionally, it’s just our attempt to fix things with what we are comfortable with and what we know. After all, we love the sweets and treats because they taste good and we want to have that experience when we’re feeling down, stressed, or rushed. We also make these excuses to give ourselves permission to get away with what we said we wouldn’t do.

Be conscious of it. Make a mental note and recognize it and then think about how to solve the problem with a healthful alternative.

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