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This week the 4th of July is on a Wednesday. For most of us that means that there is no long weekend and we have a day in the middle of the week for vacation. This got me thinking. A day doesn’t seem like much but it can be when you put in a little research and time. Here are 6 ideas for things to do on a summers day.

  1. Visit an amusement park – We just visited Kennywood. A park that it a childhood staple for kids growing up in the Pittsburgh area. Nothing beats the thrill of a coaster. I’m convinced they go faster at night!
  2. Visit the Beach – This will be our plan for the 4th. In the past, we have gone to baseball games on the 4th of July but this year we are going to soak up the sun at the shore. If you don’t have a beach, hang out at a pool or visit a wave pool. It will cool the summer’s heat.
  3. Get Educational – Visit a museum or science center. Take this opportunity to go somewhere that may be normally crowded on the weekends. Chances are other people have their own plans and these kinds of attractions will be less crowded.
  4. Party – If you have a day off that your friends and family also have free, plan a party! Play lawn games and get outside. Grill, chop up a fresh fruit salad, mix a drink, and enjoy the weather.
  5. Take in a Ball Game – It doesn’t have to be a major league team. We have the Trenton Thunder close by. Minor league games focus on a family atmosphere. You will find that tickets are much cheaper, you will sit closer, and still enjoy fun time watching a game this summer.
  6. Go for a Hike and have a Picnic – Get out doors! Load up the car and head out for a hike. Be sure to bring your pup with you, they will love going for a long walk. Once you’re done, stop back to your car and have a packed lunch in the park. Nothing beats the fresh air.

Doing any of these things on the 4th will still afford you plenty of time to get where you are going to view a fireworks display. Get outside and enjoy the day! Please remember to stay hydrated and apply plenty of sunscreen. 🙂

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