5 Tips to Feel Better with a Cold

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Being sick is never fun and while it takes time for the virus to run it’s course I have a few ideas to make the time pass a little more quickly.

  1. Soup & Tea with Honey – Hot soup will help to relieve nasal congestion. This fall I shared a soup to make you feel better recipe you can find it here. Tea is my go to sick remedy. As with the hot soup, the hot liquid soothes a sore throat and the honey adds flavor and helps soothe too. Read about my favorite teas here.
  2. Liquids – Flush out your body with lots of liquids, water or vitamin C rich orange juice. Iced tea is another option.
  3. Echinacea & Vitamins – I try to take vitamins on a fairly regular basis but I am more diligent when I am not feeling well. Echinacea is an herbal supplement made from a flower, I take it as soon as I feel a cold coming on. Read more here.
  4. Gargle with Salt Water – Take 1/4 teaspoon and stir it into a glass of warm water and gargle for 60 seconds. This does wonders for a sore throat by drawing out liquid in the tissue and can help prevent colds. Read more in this article.
  5. Rest – In my opinion, this is the biggest thing you can do for yourself. Get cozy on a couch with a blanket and a cup of tea. Allow your body time to fight what’s attacking it, don’t use up your strength with necessary tasks.

If you’re reading this and you aren’t feeling well, I hope you feel better soon! What are your favorite go to cold remedies to get through sickness quickly?

Note: I am not a medical professional, I’m sharing this information to be helpful. As always, check with a medical professional for all medical advice. Thanks!

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