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5 Get Running Websites


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I’m running a 5k in late September. I am not a strong runner but I know how important it is to condition yourself.

It is certainly an amazing feeling when you cross the finish line!  I have collected a few websites to help you get started if you’ve decided to run or are considering it.

  1. Start with Good Form – This Real Simple post gives you ideas about posture, breathing, and where to look. It also has time limits.
  2. Cardio 101 from Live Strong – Tips for getting started and what to focus on.
  3. Couch to 5K – If you’re training for a 5k you can follow this 9 week running program. They also have a good app.
  4. What to Wear – be prepared with the basic gear.
  5. Spotlight on 5K – Never Homemaker has great tips and running information. I found this post particularly helpful.

Would you like to run a 5k? is great for listing local races. It’s fun to run and support a charity and be competitive with friends, family, and yourself. Have fun and keep at it.

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