5 Board Games to Liven Up Your Night

I looooooove game nights! Whether its with a group of good friends or a Sunday night with my husband, there is nothing quite like a good board game. I bet you have a competitive streak just like the rest of us! Here are my favorites. I guarantee a fun time.

  • Cranium – Cranium plays to everyone skills. You will be asked to draw, spell, answer trivia, hum, and sculpt.

  • Cranium Pop 5 – Like Cranium, Pop 5 draws on your artistic skills but focuses on pop culture.

  • Othello Game – I knew nothing about this game until my Husband bought it for me for Christmas this past year. It’s like checkers but I like it more! You flip the little chips over in an effort to make the whole board your color. Unlike the others, this is for two players.

  • Partini Game – We always play this game as girls against guys. Collect coasters by beating the other team at challenges. Just a warning: things can get a little heated during the ball and cup game.

What are your favorite games? Do you like to play board games or card games? Share your favorites in the comments below!

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