31 October Ideas

A lazy weekend morning.

Hello October! Wow it finally feels like fall. I am amazed that the weather here in my part of the world has changed so quickly. I’ve taken out my slippers and hoodies, sweaters, and scarves. It is that time of year.

I tend to think that the beginning of a new month or a new season is a fresh start. So in the spirit of fall and Halloween I’ve collected 31 things to do this October.

  1. Begin a healthy lifestyle challenge – Here are a few ideas, quit sugar or limit soda intake. Try a new fruit or vegetable a few times a day.
  2. Start a fitness challenge – Join a challenge with your friends or family.
  3. Make Pumpkin Muffins
  4. Collect Colorful Leaves – Use for centerpieces or art projects
  5. Carve a Pumpkin
  6. Roast Pumpkin Seeds – From the carved pumpkin!
  7. Take a Hike in the Woods
  8. Adopt a Dog – They are the best companions.
  9. Host a Football Party – Root on your team with your friends
  10. Make Hot Chocolate – It is the season
  11. Try a new Tea – Camomile or Spiced tea are cozy for fall
  12. Bake Apple Muffins
  13. Decorate Your House
  14. Recycle your candles – I am burning mine now
  15. Crochet something new – Scarves and Blankets are a necessity for fall
  16. Make a Fall Wreath
  17. Try yoga – Sign up for a free 21 Day Challenge
  18. Pick up a good book
  19. Make a scare crow
  20. Scrapbook summer vacation memories
  21. Write a letter to a friend – yes with real paper!
  22. Try a new workout DVD
  23. Sign up for a race
  24. Make crockpot chili
  25. Start a blog
  26. Plan your Halloween costume – Get crafty!
  27. Rotate your wardrobe – put summer clothes away and bring out the sweaters
  28. Call an old friend and your family
  29. Donate blood
  30. Volunteer with a charity
  31. Dance – Turn up the radio and dance with your kids, your pets, your spouse or by yourself!

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