15 Ways to Relax & Recharge

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Sometimes we can get stressed and need to unwind. I put together a list of 15 things to do that can help you relax and recharge. I am including a few ideas, I think they’re best when you mix them together! Pick and choose but I think #1 is essential for whatever you are doing!

  1. Unplug – Disconnect from the world. Its difficult for us to do but turn off the TV, Computer, iPod, Phones. It might be difficult to do but put it all away.
  2. Find a comfortable place – Take a chair to your patio or visit a garden. The key ingredients are a comfortable seat and a peaceful location. Add wind chimes for bonus zen.
  3. Enjoy a glass of wine – Treat yourself to a nice glass of wine and watch the sun set. What’s more relaxing than that?
  4. Read a good book – If you’ve found a good place to sit bring a good book. Don’t get into anything too serious or heavy (unless you like that). Try something light and positive.
  5. Meditate – Meditating is something that everyone can do, but it sounds complicated. In your comfortable place, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Put away the problems of your day. If you like, think of something welcoming and peaceful. Like sitting at the beach and watching the waves. If you fall asleep, that’s ok too. 🙂
  6. Work on a craft – If you like to draw, bring a sketch pad to your quiet comfortable place. Draw or paint something in your environment. If you like knitting or crocheting take your work with you. Focus on your work and forget your cares.
  7. Bubble bath – Need I say more? The more candles the better. Top it off with a generous application of lotion. Keep your skin silky smooth. I have a lavender bubble bath that I love.
  8. Take a nice walk – Take your dog to the park or walk with a two legged friend.  Take in the sights and get your blood flowing while breathing fresh air. Enjoy your time with nature.
  9. Nap – Steal a nap on a hammock on on the couch. Bonus points for uninterrupted sleep.
  10. Music – Play soothing tunes on your radio or spotify (not super unplugging but set it up and then leave it alone 😉 ).
  11. Herbal Tea – I love a good cup of herbal tea to soothe my nerves. Chamomile does wonders. Too hot this summer? Make herbal iced tea.
  12. Do your nails – Treat yourself to a manicure. Don’t want to spend money at a salon? Paint your nails at home. Do this after you’ve gotten your bubble bath and have soaked your skin which will help you to push back the cuticles.
  13. Shop – This is counter intuitive but I find wandering a store, just browsing, to be very relaxing. When I lived near an IKEA I would drive there and walk through the imaginary rooms and take in the different designs and ideas and store them away in my creative imagination. Take in the colors and smells at the farmers market – this can be fun and allow you to recharge as well.
  14. Go on a Date – Plan a day out with a friend or loved one. Keep recharging and relaxing at the forefront of the day. If you recharge by rock climbing, do it! Other people would enjoy a day in a park and a trip to a coffee shop or browse a funky local shop.
  15. Journal – In your quiet spot, spill everything from your head to a page. Enjoy a cup of tea while listening to your favorite music.

What do you do to relax and recharge?

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