10 Tips to Save at the Grocery Store

I love saving money on things I could easily pay full price for, I feel like I’m in on some secret that the rest of the shoppers don’t know.  Of course these are not secrets but something every shopper should use and know.

  1. Create a Menu – Know what you’re buying, get the week’s meals straight.
  2. Create a Shopping List – Make your list from things you need for the week’s menu.
  3. Check Online – Head to and to Target’s Coupon site and print coupons you will need. Also check the manufacturer’s website for coupons. Use them at a store that will double coupons for extra savings.
  4. Check the Newspaper – Check coupons in your local newspaper as well and compare coupons to store sales.
  5. Keep Store Coupons – Most stores will give you a long strip of store coupon based on what you’ve bought. Keep these handy for your next trip.
  6. Look for Manager’s Specials – This is a gold mine! When produce is ripe, the produce manager will sell it at a discounted rate. At my most recent trip to the store, I found four ORGANIC bell peppers for $1.82. All because they were getting ripe. It’s also a great place to get brown bananas for 99 cents to make into banana bread.
    Manager's SpecialManager's Special 2
  7. Refer to Price Per Pound – The price per pound will tell you the real price you are paying. Check out the photos below. Even though the small box is on sale for $1.99 the unit price per pound is more ($4.25) than the regular price of the larger box ($3.85) which is a better buy. This helps you get more product for your money.
    Small Box of Cheeze-Its 7.9 oz Large Box of Cheez-Its 13.7 oz
  8. Shop the Bulk Bins – Buying staples in the bulk area of the grocery is a great way to save money. It affords you the ability to get as much or as little as you need and you don’t pay for a box or jar so the product is cheaper!  You will find flour, sugar, oatmeal, beans, nuts, couscous, quinoa, and tea.

    photo credit: bcmom via photopin cc
    photo credit: bcmom via photopin cc
  9. Bring Your Own Bags – BYOB to the store! I save 5 cents a bag I use at my local grocery and Target offers a discount for reusable bags as well. I like saving an additional 20 or 30 cents, I like not having plastic bags taking over my house, and it’s good for mother earth! You don’t need the fancy bags sold in the stores, old canvas bags work just fine and companies love giving them away with their logos on them.

    photo credit: coleypauline via photopin cc
    photo credit: coleypauline via photopin cc
  10. Return Bad or Undesired Products – Did you know that you can return food to the grocery store? Trader Joe’s will refund your purchase if you don’t like what you bought, no questions asked! Imagine that. If you bring home something that is spoiled or bad, take it back to the store and they should replace or refund it with a receipt. I know most of us feel inclined to toss a bad item but bring it back. Not only are you getting what you paid for, you might also alert customer service to a bad product that they are selling.

There you have it, 10 tips to save money at the grocery store. I try to combine all of these together to make my money last longer.  Do you have any tips to share that I missed?

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