10 Links for Saving Money

10 Links for Saving Money

A top New Year’s resolution is saving money. We all want to save money, to use for a trip, a new fun purchase, to save for college or a new home. This is a list of 10 links that can help you save money.

  1.  10 Ways to Save Money in the New Year
  2. Create a Monthly Menu – Plan meals to save money
  3. Keep Your House Warm – Don’t pay for heat that leaves your home
  4. Pack Your Lunch – This really adds up, learn how to pack healthy lunches
  5. Read Price Per Pound – Paying attention to price per pound really adds up when you are shopping.
  6. Bake Your Own Bread – Then create homemade croutons with the old bread and make french bread pizza.
  7. How to Save Time, Money, and Still Eat Healthfully – Save time and money by being prepared.
  8. The Frugal Girls – This website has lots of money saving tips and tricks, like their facebook page for updates and coupons.
  9. Money Saving Mom – This site is a couponer’s dream, with lots of updates, the facebook page is very helpful with organizing tips and cooking ideas.
  10. Retail Me Not – Coupon codes for online shopping, don’t buy online without consulting this site before checking out.

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