Say Thank You… To Yourself

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Yesterday I was getting my butt kicked by Jillian working out.  Jillian said something in the video that really inspired me.  It was about focusing on your body and your muscles while you are working out. Feeling the blood pumping through your body and the air filling your lungs. It was then that I was suddenly very thankful for my body.

Dealing with a serious injury last year, I felt so dependent and stationary (not being able to shower on your own is a humbling experience). My body recovered so well, I was dedicated to my physical therapy, and felt determined to make it even better… and I did.

So as I was sucking wind in yesterday’s workout, I focused on my body and actually began to enjoy that tired feeling. I knew that my muscles were improving and my heart and lungs were conditioning.  Each breath was enabling me to keep going, keep punching, kicking, and jump roping. The human body is truly an amazing piece of art.

The next time you work out, try not to think “I wish this was over already!” Say thank you body for giving me a long healthy life, for being able to get around, and push the limits. Feel the blood delivering oxygen to your muscles and your breath fueling your body with that oxygen.

How do you approach your workouts?

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