My Top 5 Holiday Movies

To me, no holiday would be complete without watching my favorite holiday movies! So I’m sharing my top 5 Holiday Movies 🙂

  1. Home Alone– While his family is on their way to Paris, Kevin McCallister finds himself home alone to fight off pair of thieves that target his home for a holiday robbery. Kevin sets traps to capture the intruders. This is a film we watch every Christmas Eve.
  2. Home Alone 2 Lost in New York – The following year, Kevin’s family decides to take a trip to Florida and Kevin ends up on a plane to New York. In the big city, Kevin meets up with his old friends Harry and Marv.
  3. Christmas in Connecticut– My husband and I watched this movie a few years ago and loved it. We have watched it every year since! In this film, a food writer who writes for a home living magazine is put on the spot when her boss invites himself and a returning war hero to her country house to spend Christmas with her husband and baby. The only trouble is, she’s a single woman living in Manhattan and has fictionalized all of the stories. Elizabeth quickly struggles to pull together a farm and family to host her guests. It stars Barbara Stanwyck, Dennis Morgan, and Sydney Greenstreet.
  4. It’s a Wonderful Life– “Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings!” No Christmas season is complete without It’s a Wonderful Life. George Bailey finds out what his world would be like if he were never born. It stars Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed.
  5. Shop Around the Corner – This is another movie that stars Jimmy Stewart and is also the basis of the movie You’ve Got Mail. Two coworkers who hate each other end up falling in love while writing letters to one another.

What are your favorite movies? The Christmas Story? Family Vacation? I’d love to hear your favorites. If you’re looking for a film to watch with some hot tea or cocoa I hope this list helps you get into the holiday season!

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  • Lacie

    I just watched miracle on 34th street (the black and white version made in 1947) and I have to say it was a great movie if anyone has online Netflix it is on there! Ps home alone 2 is better than the 1st! 🙂 happy holidays!

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