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I feel so lucky to have celebrated one year writing on Lindsay Ann Loft. It’s come so far in the past year. It is really a hobby I love.

However, blogging is hard work. I think everyone who starts a blog has good intentions. They want to write everyday or whenever they feel inspired. I have started a few and began with gusto but then waned as time progressed and I got busy. It certainly take dedication and it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.  It’s also icky codes and techy steps. They say code is poetry… but sometimes I don’t get poetry either. 🙂

I have to admit. Sometimes, when you’re making changes, there’s a sinking feeling in your gut. Worrying about screwing up the entire site and not being able to get it back. (I have a back up system now that emails my whole site to myself everyday. Phew!) I’m not an incredibly technologically savvy person. I know enough to get by.

It took a while to get here. I read enough posts about starting sites (which is more complex, but ultimately better, than sites) to get me up and running. Thank goodness for blogging guru Darren Rowse. Problogger has helped get me up and going with their tips and how to’s. It’s a process, breathing life into something that is in your brain and putting it on your computer.

I don’t think I ever shared my thoughts on how I started the loft. I’ve always wanted to share my ideas and love of cooking. At the time, I felt like I was not tapping into creativity. Not many jobs in life allow you to be truly creative, unless you’re your own boss.  So I took that idea and decided to be my own boss. Working for free, of course. Well no, actually, paying to work! However the comfort that I have and happiness I gain from sharing my thoughts and creativity with the world is a different kind of pay.

Knowing that my words and ideas and tips can reach people in England, New Zealand, and across the US. It’s amazing when I look at my analytics and see the little orange dots light up across the world. In a way, I’m really visiting all of those places. A small part of me is. 🙂

I started the site and with intentions of making something grand. However its a humbling experience. Baby steps. Lots of little baby steps. I started out with a  basic layout and posts without photos. Which I quickly learned, posts without photos is uber boring. I updated and updated. Looking at new themes trying each one on like I was shopping for a new dress. I learned that it’s good to get a solid basic layout and add my own bits of photos and flair to it.

With lots of baby steps, research, the graphic deigns help of my sister, and plenty of guest posts, we have what Lindsay Ann Loft is today.  I am proud of it and I thank you for stopping by to read my words.


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