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My husband teases me because there are nine varieties of tea in our cupboard. Don’t get me wrong I love coffee but nothing competes with a steamy mug of tea. So here’s a round up of what you’ll find in my cupboard.

Twinings Lady Grey – This is my favorite tea to drink with dessert or a pastry. It’s warm with a light citrus flavor.

Green Tea Kombucha – I love green tea and this tea has a little bit of mint flavor that is very comforting. Each Yoga Tea has a little saying on the tag.

Breathe Deep – When I had a bad cold, a coworker gave me this tea and it cleared up my sinuses. It took me a bit of time to get used to the licorice but it’s fabulous when you’re sick!

Ginger Tea – Ginger tea always helps me when I have an upset stomach.

Bedtime Tea – Sitting down after a long day with a mug of bedtime tea is so relaxing. This herbal tea has relaxing chamomile and warming spices. Snuggle up with a blanket, a movie, and brew some tea.

Lipton Pyramid Island Mango and Peach – This tea is fresh, bright and happy.

Lipton Pyramid Green Tea with Mandarin Orange – Green tea tastes great with mandarin orange. It’s light and refreshing.

Tazo Refresh Tea & Peppermint Tea – I drink these in the morning, it really wakes up my body.

What are your favorite tea flavors and brands?


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