11 Things To Do Now That Your Shows Are Over

I am both sad and relieved that we’ve come to the end of the prime time finales. I love to watch Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice but there comes a time when you have to get up off the couch and stimulate your brain in a new way. Today I’m sharing things to do other than watch re-runs. 🙂

  1. Play Cards – Learn to play poker, blackjack, rummy, even old maid.
  2. Workout – Pop in a new video.
  3. Garden – Flowers brighten your day and make you and your visitors happy. Spend some time in the dirt planting flowers or a garden.
  4. Walk – Talk a nice walk after dinner.
  5. Cook a Nice Meal – Spend time in the kitchen and put together a special meal.
  6. Visit a Park – With longer daylight hours you have an opportunity to walk through a park, play with your kids.
  7. Walk Your Dog – Give your pup a workout and get fresh air.
  8. Work on an Art Project – Explore your inner artist and work on a new creative project. It could be drawing, photography,
  9. Learn a New Skill – Learn to do something that you have always wanted to try.
  10. Start a Blog – Have a hobby or an interest? Start a blog and share your ideas!
  11. Join a group – It could be a book club or a running club.

Are you tackling any projects or have any plans to do with your new found freedom?

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