10 Things to Do in January

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It’s a new year and a new beginning! I hope you had a wonderful holiday. With the new beginning here are 10 things to do to start your year off right.

  1. Make Appointments – Call and scheduled appointments for the dentist, the doctor for an annual exam, or a car to be serviced. This is the time to make schedules and enter all appointments in your new 2012 calendar.
  2. Create a Budget – Make a savings plan and budget for the new year. Start fresh and know what you’re spending and calculate how to save money.
  3. Update Passwords – If you’ve been using the same password year in and year out it’s time to update your passwords. The beginning of the year is a great time to freshen things up. Choose a strong password which will protect your information and files.
  4. Change Batteries – If you haven’t already, change the batteries in your smoke detectors. It’s a simple task that may save your life. Also, make a note in your calendar to make the change again on June 1st.
  5. Write a 2012 Intentions List – At the beginning of every year I write my intentions in a list through the Stickies program. This includes how much money I want to save, fitness goals and expectations, books to read, and new things to try. The difference between a dream and a goal is an action plan. So get those action plans going!
  6. Create a Monthly Menu – If your New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight, then creating a monthly menu is a step in the right direction. Even if weight loss is not your goal, you will save money and time. You can read more about the process in my post here.
  7. Clear out the Closet – Don’t hang on to unwanted clothes, shoes, and items when someone else could use them and you could have more space. Donate your old clothes and furniture, you feel free of the past and create more space for clothes that fit and flatter you. Read more tips from Oprah here.
  8. Organize Recipes – If you have a pile of recipes pulled from magazines and printed from websites, find a large binder and a 3 hole punch. Organize your recipes by meals for easy access.
  9. Clean out the Fridge – This is my least favorite chore, but start the year off with a clean fridge. Wipe the insides clean of sticky drips and crumbs. Put short term foods (the ones that will spoil first) on the top shelf to remind you to use them. Figure out what you have left and integrate it into  your monthly menu.
  10. Plan Dates with Friends – If you feel that time flies by between visits with your friends, take the time to work it into your schedule. Being with friends makes you happy and happiness is always a resolution to keep!

This list will help get the year started! What are you doing to set up 2012 for success??


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