Lifetime of Success

photo credit: madlyinlovewithlife via photopin cc

photo credit: madlyinlovewithlife via photopin cc

Last week I spoke about ditching diets and just eating healthier. Changing your eating life style will lead to success. Here is another tip for a lifetime of success.

Here is a different approach. Try eating more vegetables with each meal. Eat lean proteins and dairy, whole grains and fruits, drink more water. Cut out all of the extra sugar and fatty foods. That’s all. I am not saying eat 1 slice of dry toast for breakfast, a salad with fat free dressing for lunch and a 1/2 cup of cottage cheese for dinner. I am talking real foods and real amounts. Eat until you feel full and satisfied, not stuffed and ready to explode. (Stopping at full and satisfied may be something that you have to retrain your body and mind how to do, I know I did)

Add some exercise to your routine. You don’t need to do P90X to get the benefits of exercise. Just do more than you are doing right now. If you don’t do anything, take a brisk walk for 10 minutes. This again is a life style change, not all or nothing.

Your body does adapt. Once your walking becomes effortless, add a little more. Either increase your speed, add a few extra minutes or add more of an incline. All things to increase your heart rate and get your body stronger.

Next week I will talk about adding some variety to your healthy changes. Remember..small changes lead to big results.

Kathy is a contributing writer at Lindsay Ann Loft. She has been sharing her weight loss story and tips with our readers since 2011. She has a passion for healthy eating and helping others with their journey to a healthier lifestyle.
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Conquering the Problem

Conquering the problem

In previous posts, I have talked about how I feel losing weight and being healthy is a life style change. I mentioned that with my successful weight loss, I didn’t count calories and I didn’t weigh and measure my foods. After countless attempt and many years of dieting, I feel like I am finally conquering the problem. Even though my weight has fluctuated a few pounds in the last 5 years, I have kept the majority of my weight off.

I feel that diets do not work because we are too worried about the number. The number on the scale, the number of calories we eat, the number of calories that we burn. The number that you want the scale to be and once you get there, what happens? You start to eat again. With diets, there is a start day and a goal day. We celebrate that goal! It is a great day!!! I made it and now… I can eat again. That leads back to the same habits. The sugar, the fat, the junk, all of the things that you were limiting when you were dieting. Very quickly, the pounds come right back. If you are like me, you add a few extra pounds to the ones that you lost.

Of course everyone like to see the results of losing weight and eating healthier. Step away from the scale and look at your success. Most importantly, how are you feeling? After eating healthier foods, I feel so good!!! I lose the sleepy and tired feeling and feel more energetic! I feel like I am sleeping better, breathing better, and feel much happier. Enjoy that feeling! Your clothes will start to feel loose. I used to say to my husband, “Look my clothes are getting bigger!” and his response would be your clothes don’t change, you are getting smaller. That’s the way to look at it!…positive attitude! You are changing on the outside but the changes on the inside are huge! Just a few pounds take pressure off of your joints, helps your blood pressure, and your sugar levels. Even though you can’t look at your inside, it is getting healthier and stronger as well!

If you are looking into losing weight, I think letting go of the “number” is the way to go. In the coming weeks, I will go over some thoughts about enjoying your weight loss and not struggling over it. Make eating healthier a new way of life!

Kathy is a contributing writer at Lindsay Ann Loft. She has been sharing her weight loss story and tips with our readers since 2011. She has a passion for healthy eating and helping others with their journey to a healthier lifestyle.
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5 Ways to Track Fitness Without a Scale

5 Ways To Track Fitness Without a Scale

You might think that April Fool’s Day is everyday you step on the scale. You have a good week of working out and eating healthy but the scale doesn’t reflect your efforts. If you’re still working hard, you are destined to see changes in other ways. Try tracking your fitness in these ways instead!

  1. Take Your Measurements – I’ve had weeks with a .2 change on the scale but a loss of 1 or 2 inches. How does that happen? Your body is changing in composition. In the end wouldn’t you rather have your clothes fit better and look better on you?
  2. Keep Track of your Times – If you are walking and running, keep track of your time and distances. Or use your playlist to keep track too, can you cut out an entire song? You’ll know the work is paying off when your times drop and your distances get longer!
  3. Push Up Contest – Challenge yourself to do as many push ups as you can, as you get stronger, you will be able to do more. Do the same with crunches and plank times.
  4. The Jeans Factor – Break out your skinny jeans. How do they fit and how do they feel? Can you breathe in them? Yes? Then you’re making progress.
  5. Document it in Photos – It’s never too late to track your progress in photos. Put on the bathing suit and start snapping. Do it every Monday, you’ll see your body changing, muscles building, and fat going away.

I hope this little post is enough to keep you going when you feel discouraged by the scale.

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photo credit: Sven Van Echelpoel via photopin cc Edited by Lindsay Ann Loft.

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Get Ready For Summer

photo credit: Éole via photopin cc

photo credit: Éole via photopin cc

We are just about 9 weeks away from Memorial Day. Even though we have been dealing with cold weather and snow showers lately, it is spring! It is time to turn our attention to getting ready for the summer. Shorts, tank tops, sundresses and swimsuits are just some of the things that we look forward to wearing this summer. Are you ready?

There is plenty of time to get swimsuit ready for the summer. If you lose 2 or 2 1/2 pounds a week you can have those extra 20-25 pounds off. It is also enough time to get those muscles firm and looking good!

Starting a healthier eating plan and adding some core exercises along with cardio will do it for you. Now is a great time to start! Don’t wait until tomorrow, start right this minute! Make different choices today. Keep track of your eating, exercise and your results!

We can all be a little healthier for the summer and for the rest of our lives!!!

Kathy is a contributing writer at Lindsay Ann Loft. She has been sharing her weight loss story and tips with our readers since 2011. She has a passion for healthy eating and helping others with their journey to a healthier lifestyle.
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7 Tips to Approach Weight Loss and Succeed


photo credit: lululemon athletica via photopin cc

photo credit: lululemon athletica via photopin cc

Weight loss is an individual thing. Even if you have all of the support in the world it all comes down to our own choices and decisions.

There are so many different choices as far as diets are concerned. You can order pre-made foods and have them delivered to your door. You can attend meetings and get weighed every week and learn about healthier eating. There is the option of gastric bypass for people that are 100 pounds or more over weight. There are so many books written about weight loss as well. The choice is yours.

When you are looking at different ways to lose weight, make sure it is healthy. Quick fixes or fad diets don’t last long and it has been my experience that you end up putting more weight on after depriving yourself. You need to eat and not feel hungry all of the time. Your body needs fuel.

I like to look at those people that have lost weight. I want to hear about a person that has dealt with the same struggles and issues that I am working with; knows how I feel and has had success. That’s why I like to share my weight loss journey. I am not one of those people that gained 5 or 10 pounds over the last 20 years and needed to get it off. That is not the person that would inspire me. Now I am not saying that 5 or 10 pounds is easier to lose, I think that anyone that loses weight is successful!

Over the last 5 years, I have talked a lot about my weight loss with people that are interested in how I lost weight and I too am interested in how other people approach it.

Here are a few tips that I have learned along the way.

  1. Make sure that you exercise along with eating healthy. It helps tone your body, burns calories, builds your metabolism and most importantly for me…gives me the mental boost that I need on tough days.
  2. Use an mp3 player or iPod and make an upbeat playlist! I am also inspired by different lyrics that have a positive message.
  3. Get you head into the game! A positive attitude is so important! I think that losing weight is 90% in your head! Get in the habit of thinking good thoughts! There are many times where negative thoughts can get the best of you. Think of those times before they happen and have a game plan. When I am feeling good mentally, nothing can tempt me!
  4. Find something that is a reminder of what is important. I once heard of someone having a bracelet that had a charm with what their goal was. Whether it be your goal weight, the names of your children, a dream vacation spot, find a visual to keep you focused.
  5. Stay true to yourself. Don’t let other people sabotage what you are doing. You make the choices and don’t worry about what others think.
  6. Don’t beat yourself up for challenging days. We all have them. We have given in to them time to time but don’t let it ruin what you have accomplished. Everyday is a new day and some are a little tougher than others.
  7. Change isn’t always easy but my thinking at the beginning was until you take your last breath on this earth, you can make a change. It will be worth it!

These are just a few of the things that I tried to remember when I was starting my journey. I hope that they can help.

If you have any tips I would love to hear about them. I will continue to listen to other people’s tips and share them along the way!

Kathy is a contributing writer at Lindsay Ann Loft. She has been sharing her weight loss story and tips with our readers since 2011. She has a passion for healthy eating and helping others with their journey to a healthier lifestyle.
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