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    How to Keep Fresh Food in the Refrigerator

      This is a handy tip I love to use to keep only fresh foods in the refrigerator. It’s a challenge to know when food is still good or has been sitting in the refrigerator for a month. You don’t want to waste food. Keep track of  food by writing the date that you open the package with a marker. Put older foods on the top shelf to remind yourself to use them first. It’s that easy. This is best for pasta sauce. Somehow we collect sauce and I never know when they were opened. This really helps us keep track of food.

  • Fitness

    7 Tips to Approach Weight Loss and Succeed

      Weight loss is an individual thing. Even if you have all of the support in the world it all comes down to our own choices and decisions. There are so many different choices as far as diets are concerned. You can order pre-made foods and have them delivered to your door. You can attend meetings and get weighed every week and learn about healthier eating. There is the option of gastric bypass for people that are 100 pounds or more over weight. There are so many books written about weight loss as well. The choice is yours. When you are looking at different ways to lose weight, make sure…

  • Thoughts

    Words Are Powerful

    Words are powerful. What you say to others can mean a lot but, more importantly, what you say to yourself is incredibly important. An effort to change your thoughts will change your life. Don’t vs Can’t Choosing words wisely can make all of the difference. Here’s an example. A coworker asks you if you’d like a doughnut.Instead of saying “No thank you, I can’t eat a doughnut I’m trying to lose weight.” try saying “Thank you, but I don’t want a doughnut. They have more sugar and fat than I want to put into my body.” There is a a big difference between Don’t and Can’t. Can’t indicates that you…

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    10 Tips to Save at the Grocery Store

    I love saving money on things I could easily pay full price for, I feel like I’m in on some secret that the rest of the shoppers don’t know.  Of course these are not secrets but something every shopper should use and know. Create a Menu – Know what you’re buying, get the week’s meals straight. Create a Shopping List – Make your list from things you need for the week’s menu. Check Online – Head to Coupons.com and to Target’s Coupon site and print coupons you will need. Also check the manufacturer’s website for coupons. Use them at a store that will double coupons for extra savings. Check the…

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    5 Mini Resolutions You Can Make Today

    Instead of making a large resolution how about putting a mini resolution in action today? These are 5 simple ideas that will make your life better and more organized. Drink More Water – It is so important to stay hydrated. Today, you can start drinking more water by filling up a reusable water bottle and keeping it with you at your desk or on a counter top nearby. Today aim to drink the entire thing on top of Phase out Soft Drinks – They are empty calories and like any bad habit, it can be a hard one to break. The truth of the matter is that soft drinks offer…

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