Words Are Powerful

Words Are Powerful

Words are powerful. What you say to others can mean a lot but, more importantly, what you say to yourself is incredibly important. An effort to change your thoughts will change your life.

Don’t vs Can’t

Choosing words wisely can make all of the difference. Here’s an example.

A coworker asks you if you’d like a doughnut.Instead of saying “No thank you, I can’t eat a doughnut I’m trying to lose weight.” try saying “Thank you, but I don’t want a doughnut. They have more sugar and fat than I want to put into my body.”

There is a a big difference between Don’t and Can’t. Can’t indicates that you have no control over your situation and are powerless while Don’t gives you power to choose what you want.

Have a Positive Intention

Bring intention to your behavior and actions. When you are getting ready to lace up your running shoes and you really don’t want to take the first step out the door or you’d rather hit the snooze button, think of the reason why you are being active. Are you preparing for bathing suit season? Do you want to be confused for a bridesmaid at your daughter’s wedding? Run a 5k? Or do you want to live to see your great grand children be born?

Think of your reasons while you are doing these positive things for yourself. Use that reason to keep on your path to a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Have a Mantra

I recently read a story in a magazine about a woman who lost 150 pounds. Her mantra was “I Can Do Hard Things”. I think that’s a great mantra. The human body is amazing and can do hard things. By putting these words out into the world and into her head, she was able to go from 300 pounds and a side 26 dress to 150 pounds and a size 6. Make up your own mantra and post it on the alarm clock, on the fridge, on the computer. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

  • I am powerful and strong.
  • I will do this because I am strong.
  • Life is beautiful and so am I.
  • I can make healthy choices.
  • I love the person I am becoming.

Having a positive attitude is part of a healthy lifestyle. Carefully choose your words.

photo credit: papalars via photopin cc and edited by Lindsay Ann Loft.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

photo credit: Stefanvds(.com) via photopin cc

photo credit: Stefanvds(.com) via photopin cc

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you have a great day with the ones you love.

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5 Mini Resolutions You Can Make Today

photo credit: Pen Waggener via photopin cc

photo credit: Pen Waggener via photopin cc

Instead of making a large resolution how about putting a mini resolution in action today? These are 5 simple ideas that will make your life better and more organized.

  1. Drink More Water – It is so important to stay hydrated. Today, you can start drinking more water by filling up a reusable water bottle and keeping it with you at your desk or on a counter top nearby. Today aim to drink the entire thing on top of
  2. Phase out Soft Drinks – They are empty calories and like any bad habit, it can be a hard one to break. The truth of the matter is that soft drinks offer no nutritional value, are full of sugar, and do not contribute to good hydration. I outline how to cut soft drinks out of your life in this post.
  3. Organize Your Home One Trip at A Time – This tip has changed my life, as you walk into a new room or upstairs, take something with you that belongs in your destination. Make it a game, don’t leave the room without something that belongs at your destination. Before long you will have a clean house!
  4. Find a Workout Buddy – Want to add exercise to your life? Find a workout buddy and make yourself accountable to each other. It’s hard to let someone down when they’re counting on you.
  5. Create a Monthly Menu -Sit down today and create a monthly menu, put together meals and create a grocery list. This will afford you an opportunity to break out of the same old rut and try new recipes.

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Say Thank You… To Yourself

Image Copyright Muffintinmom.

Yesterday I was getting my butt kicked by Jillian working out.  Jillian said something in the video that really inspired me.  It was about focusing on your body and your muscles while you are working out. Feeling the blood pumping through your body and the air filling your lungs. It was then that I was suddenly very thankful for my body.

Dealing with a serious injury last year, I felt so dependent and stationary (not being able to shower on your own is a humbling experience). My body recovered so well, I was dedicated to my physical therapy, and felt determined to make it even better… and I did.

So as I was sucking wind in yesterday’s workout, I focused on my body and actually began to enjoy that tired feeling. I knew that my muscles were improving and my heart and lungs were conditioning.  Each breath was enabling me to keep going, keep punching, kicking, and jump roping. The human body is truly an amazing piece of art.

The next time you work out, try not to think “I wish this was over already!” Say thank you body for giving me a long healthy life, for being able to get around, and push the limits. Feel the blood delivering oxygen to your muscles and your breath fueling your body with that oxygen.

How do you approach your workouts?

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Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy paid us a visit Monday. We were very lucky, we didn’t have damage to our home and cars. A lot of people weren’t as lucky. I am so sad to see all of the damage Sandy has caused. As of now we have had 8 fatalities in New Jersey. So many homes have been damage and I’m sorry to see that the boardwalk we visit in the summer has been destroyed. It will take a lot of time to clean up and get things up and running again.

My thoughts are with all of the people affected. I hope all of you will stay safe.

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