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    How To Deal With Stress

    Sometimes stress comes up on you and the most inconvenient times. Usually in connection to being extra busy, running low on sleep, or not having enough time to treat yourself well. Once one thing happens, like falling behind on sleep, things start to snowball. I know, it’s been happening to me. I like to have everything in control and when there are too many balls juggling in the air, it’s tough to control them all. So here are my tips on dealing with stress. If you’d like to share your thoughts I’d love to hear them. Get out in nature – Take a walk at lunch or on your way…

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    How to Calm Your Mind

    The last night I was laying in bed with a million things racing through my mind. We all have busy lives, thinking about what we have to do at work, what we’re planning for dinner, the bills we have to pay, the blog posts to write. I have a few tips to calm your mind and body. Tea – Make yourself a relaxing cup of tea. If it’s before bed, a sleepy time or bed time tea is great.  Chamomile calms my body and the warmth of the tea is soothing. Never underestimate the power of tea. Count your blessings – Recently, I found a quote on Pinterest suggesting that…

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