• Personal

    Photos of my Garden

    I love that spring is the beginning with new growth and possibilities. We are lucky to have more sun and  The past two weeks has presented new growth. The bulbs I planted in the fall are blooming. It’s like buried treasure! I have hyacinths, daffodils, and tulips. Accompanying them are lovely pink and yellow primroses and the beginnings of my day lilies. How is your garden looking?

  • Fitness

    Spring Cleaning

    Spring is finally here and the first thing that I think of is getting outside!  If you are like me, you see that your patio, deck and/or yard needs a little TLC.  Working outside getting the lawn in shape and doing some gardening is great exercise. Raking works different parts of your body.  Your arms get a workout with all of the pulling of the rake.  Your sides and back also feel the pull.  Your heart rate is usually elevated and if you are picking up piles of leaves, branches, or grass, you are most likely bending down to pick them up.  You want to squat down and use your…

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