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    Menu Changes

    Ever find yourself at a restaurant looking at your menu and wondering “what should I eat?”. In today’s guest post, Kathy is writing about her experience at her local restaurant. There is a fast food restaurant that would advertise “Have it your way”.  Well I am not a big fan of fast food restaurants but I do say to have it your way when you go out to a restaurant. Yesterday I went to a local family restaurant.  They have a great variety of foods and you can get breakfast, lunch or dinner anytime of the day or night.  I have to admit, there are times that I get tired…

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    Restaurant Nutritional Facts

    We all want to find ways to save money and to get the best “bang for your buck”.  When you are working on a healthy eating lifestyle you need to be cautious.  I was watching a McDonalds commercial the other day and because we are in the Lenten season, the commercial was offering 2 fish sandwiches for $4.00.  Well I would pass on eating even one of the fish sandwiches due to the fat and calories but having 2 would not be a good thing! Unfortunately, it can cost a little more to eat healthier.  I recently went into a restaurant where they were offering a couple of specials one…

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    Community Restaurants | Soul Kitchen

    Restaurants that operate on a “pay what you can” policy are becoming more popular and well known. Recently, rocker Jon Bon Jovi and the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation opened Soul Kitchen. Soul Kitchen is a community restaurant and a pay what you can restaurant in Redbank, New Jersey. Soul Kitchen describes a community restaurant as “a place where individuals or families can come to eat a hot, nutritious meal in a warm, welcoming setting and meet their neighbors.” “Soul Kitchen serves a 3-course meal based on American Regional cuisine, starting with your choice of salad or soup, followed by a choice of a fish dish, a meat dish or…

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    Kathy’s Tips for Dining Out

    This guest post by Kathy is her tips for dining out. Dining out when trying to eat healthier can be a bit of a challenge but it doesn’t need to be.  With a few simple tips it is quite easy.  One of the positives about eating in restaurants is the variety that comes with the menu.  Many foods can be adjusted to meet your needs.  I have found many restaurants are happy to accommodate their customers.  FIrst of all, you want to look for foods that are grilled or baked and not fried.  Fried foods have way too much fat.  Choosing chicken or fish is a better option but if…

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