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    5 Mini Resolutions You Can Make Today

    Instead of making a large resolution how about putting a mini resolution in action today? These are 5 simple ideas that will make your life better and more organized. Drink More Water – It is so important to stay hydrated. Today, you can start drinking more water by filling up a reusable water bottle and keeping it with you at your desk or on a counter top nearby. Today aim to drink the entire thing on top of Phase out Soft Drinks – They are empty calories and like any bad habit, it can be a hard one to break. The truth of the matter is that soft drinks offer…

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    Resolution Follow Up

    We are a month in to the new year and are you still following true on your New Year’s resolution? What was it? If it was to lose weight and eat healthier it doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Don’t fall into the “well I messed up the resolution so I guess I will try next year” attitude. Every year I try to make mine to make myself a little healthier. I like to challenge myself to make new recipes and this year was to eat more at home. My husband and I really enjoy going out to dinner so now we decided to make it for special occasions.…

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    Weight Loss New Years Resolution

    If you’re looking to get healthy in 2012, Kathy is sharing her ideas and tips for making a resolution and having it stick. I hope that everyone had a fabulous Christmas.  Our family had and is still having a wonderful time.  Our daughters and their husbands/boyfriend are in town and we are enjoying time with them. As the end of another year comes to a close, New Years resolutions start coming to mind.  You probably guessed it, the number one resolution is to lose weight.  As a person who has lost a lot of weight, I can tell you that I made that resolution more times than I care to…

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