• Pinterest Review

    Pinterest Experiment: Removing Underarm Stains

    Do you have a loved t-shirt or a cami that you can’t bear to part with but has those ugly stains from deodorants? Two of my favorites you’ll see below. One is an off white cami from Ann Taylor, I love to wear this under cardigans and sweaters. The other is a summer t-shirt from New York and Company which really got dirty. I was about to get rid of it. That was until I came across this pin on Pinterest. It connected to who else? Jillee… titled Goodbye to Yellow Armpit Stains. If you remember this Pinterest Experiment, I tested her method for cleaning a cookie sheet. I wanted…

  • Pinterest Review

    Pinterest Experiment: Baking Sheet Cleaning

    I have been finding a lot of natural, easy cleaning tips on Pinterest. I wanted to see if they stood up to the test. I found this pin connecting to an article at One Good Thing by Jillee. I was excited because I have a cookie sheet that has turned into a mess. I reserved this for messy foods and reheating leftovers. Of course I didn’t take a decent photo of it before I started my project… imagine the center of my finished project all over the cookie sheet. The Process: Sprinkle cookie sheet with baking soda. Spray hydrogen peroxide on the baking soda. Sprinkle more baking soda on top…

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