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    Tackle The Junk… Tips From A Reformed “Hoarder”

    I think I spent my childhood and teen years preparing for an audition for the TV show Hoarders… I saved EVERYTHING. Why? I’m not sure, I think I was trying to hold onto things as if I got rid of it it would disappear from my life. Control freak much? One year, there was a tearful garage sale when I discovered that my precious My Little Ponies were on the table for sale. It was not pretty. While I am much better at letting go of my things, it is still a struggle. Can you relate? This past weekend I cleaned my closet. I love clothes, purses, and shoes so…

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    Freezer Cooking… Everybody’s Doing It

    The common theme I find around the internet is that people have too much going on in their lives and not enough time to cook and make good food for themselves and their families. The answer to this problem is  freezer cooking. I remember hearing stories from a friend’s Grandma. She would go to the market the day of and buy the foods she needed for the night’s meal. All of the ingredients were fresh and each night you could have whatever you’d like for dinner. How awesome is fresh baked bread?  It’s not that way anymore, we don’t have time. Some people shop once a month or once a…

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    How To Get Off Track

    Normally my How To posts are positive but today I’m mixing things up and instead of a recipe for success… this is a recipe for failure. How to Get Off Track: Don’t Plan The Week – Failure to make plans for the week gets you off to a bad start. Skip Food Shopping on the Weekend – Starting the week off with an empty fridge is a big risk for failure. Cookies and sweets are always around. Don’t workout on Monday – You will make exercise excuses on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Watch Lots of TV – Why spend time doing something productive when you can procrastinate? Stay Up…

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    How to Save Time, Money, and Still Eat Healthfully

    Here’s how, pick one day to prep food. Yes, it’s work but if you do it right you’ll eat well for the week and save yourself money. Win and win! I am guilty of doing it too. I will buy tons of fresh fruits and veggies and then the next day look at the refrigerator and think “ugh. what is there to eat?”. Anyone else guilty? So to make an effort to eat up the good for you veggies and stay away from the super easy to unwrap and grab empty carbs here’s the plan. Chop up carrots and celery – Don’t buy baby carrots, they’re OVER priced. Baby carrots…

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    How to Get Out of a Rut

    Sometimes the repetitive everyday gets us stuck in the same path and can be monotonous. Baseball players find themselves in slumps, writers have writer’s block, we all get stuck in a rut from time to time. I wanted to share a few ideas on how to get yourself out of a rut and experiencing the fun things of life. Mix up your workout – When I’m in a fitness rut I will buy a new workout DVD or try something new. Join a group or a new class. Try a new routine – Over the course of a week try different things; drive a different way to work, drink a…

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