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    How to Icing Thing One and Thing Two Cupcakes

    For Lucas’ Half Birthday Party we served cupcakes that looked like Thing one and Thing Two. Here’s how to decorate the cupcakes to create the spiky blue hair of the characters. What You’ll Need: Cupcakes Baked in Red Cupcake Papers Icing mixed with Blue Food Coloring An icing pastry bag Icing tip Wilton #12 sized Method: Place a pastry bag in a cup. Fill Bag with icing. Attach the tip and trim the tip of the bag. Follow the method with this video.

  • Entertaining

    Lucas’ Dr. Seuss Half Birthday Party!

    This weekend we celebrated my Nephew’s Half Birthday. My Sister, Tori, wanted to make it a special day with one of their favorite authors, Dr. Seuss. She went all out with the Dr. Seuss Theme. Lucky for Lucas, Dr. Seuss’ birthday falls on his half birthday! Birthday Treats. Lucas wanted a piece of his cake! Thing One and Thing Two Cupcakes. Find out how to decorate them here. Tori also made chocolate covered oreos decorated for the Lorax. We made pizza for the cat in the hat and one made to look like the Lorax. The Lorax Pizza with Cheddar Cheese, Black Olives, and Banana Peppers for his eyebrows and…

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    Healthy School Snacks

    In this week’s guest post Kathy discusses healthy and fun foods for kids lunches and snacks. Obesity in children is a big concern to me as a parent and also as a former overweight person.  Good eating habits truly start when children are toddlers. For a number of years I was a preschool teacher.  The children ranged in age from 3 to 6.  Since they were there f or nearly 3 hours a morning, snack time was a part of our morning routine.  It was amazing to me the snacks that the children would bring.  Some parents paid a lot of attention to healthy snacks then there were others that…

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