Crib Sheets Tutorial

I knew that with decorating Baby V’s nursery that I didn’t want to go out and buy a set from a store. I wanted to have the ability to personalize the room. One easy way to do this was to make my own crib sheets. If you search for sales, you can save money from buying from a store and you can get cute fabric to match your theme.

I made three designs in flannel fabric. I recommend getting a wider fabric because it will shrink when you wash and dry it.


  • 2 yards of fabric, at least 44 inches wide.
  • Matching thread
  • Elastic 1/4 inch thick, at least 4 yards
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine
  • Iron & ironing board

My mattress is a standard size. We opted for the Lullabye Earth mattress, if you’d like to compare sizes. You’re going to cut 8 x 8 inch from each corner. (if your mattress is a different size you may have to adjust accordingly.) You want the edge of your mattress it line up with the edge of the squares for a snug fit.

Crib SheetCrib Sheet 1 Crib Sheet 2

After cutting the fabric you’re going to sew a french seam on all four corners. To do this, put the wrong sides of the fabric together, pin, and stitch a straight line with 1/4 inch seam allowance. The closer to the edge the better. You will create a house like shape with the fabric, as seen below. For some reason, I could not visualize this before starting so if you’re like me, relax, it’s what you want. Do this to all four edges.

Crib Sheet 3Crib Sheet 4Very carefully, trim the fabric all the way to the seam, as close as you can get it without cutting what you’ve just sewn.

Crib Sheet 5

Flip the crib sheet inside out so the right sides face one another and iron the seams flat. You’re going to sew again with 1/4 inch seam allowance.

Crib Sheet 6You’ve created a french seam. This keeps the edges nice and neat, and when you wash it you won’t have to worry about the inside fraying. It’s very clean. Here’s a sneak peak of what the edge will look like.

Crib Sheet 7After you’ve done this to all four sides, add the elastic.  I did this by first ironing 1/4 inch all of the way around and then ironed and pinned 1/2 inch hem. This creates enough room for your elastic to work its way through. You’re going to sew ALMOST all of the way around, taking care at the edges, and leaving a 2 inch gap to string the elastic through.

Crib Sheet 8 Crib Sheet 9Put a safety pin on the end of your elastic and get to work working it through. Sit down in front of the TV because this part, for me, took the longest. The amount of elastic you will use will depend upon what you buy. I believe the type I used came in 8 yards, so I left it intact and worked it through.

Place the crib sheet on your mattress and adjust the elastic accordingly. This takes trial and error but you want to get the elasticity right. When you’ve decided how much elastic you want to use, simply sew a few lines on the overlapping ends and finish off the piece. I apologize for not taking a photo of this part of the process but I think it’s pretty easy to visualize. This is the underside view.Crib Sheet 10

There you have it! A custom made crib sheet. Have you made bedding before? Or are you working on homemade nursery decor? Share in the comments below!

Crib Sheet 12 Crib Sheet 11



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Grow Your Own Flowers Without Spending A Penny

Grow Your Own Flowers Without Spending A Penny

I found myself singing “You gotta reduce, reuse, recycle” when I was starting flowers for my garden. I love doing things myself, saving money, and waste. So here’s how to start flowers for your garden for free. Of course you can also use this to start herbs or vegetables.

It takes a little time to save up all of your supplies but it’s something we all have on hand. If you need to, you can purchase the seeds at your local nursery or store but I saved mine from last year’s flowers. Impatiens are especially fun to collect, you have to get the seeds in the bag before it explodes!

What you’ll need:

  • Empty Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Rolls
  • An empty lettuce or spinach box
  • Potting Soil, or regular old soil
  • Seeds

How to:

  1. Cut toilet paper rolls in half or paper towel rolls in quarters.
  2. Place the flat side down in your empty lettuce box, arrange rolls so that they all stand upright. I ended up using 16.
  3. Fill each roll with soil. Don’t worry about spilling into the gaps, this is going to happen anyway so don’t drive yourself crazy.
  4. Fill tubes with seeds. I used a pinch of impatien seeds to each roll. I lightly pressed the seed down and covered it with a bit of soil.
  5. Water the seeds. I used a measuring cup with a spout to direct the water into each compartment. Be aware that this set up does not have a drainage system. We want to avoid a muddy mess so go easy on the watering. If you aren’t keeping these inside, you can poke holes in the bottom of the lettuce box to drain excess water. I am keeping mine in my upstairs window and need to keep things clean.
  6. Place box in a sunny place and regularly water.
  7. Soon you will have little plants to put in your yard.

I think Jack Johnson would be proud!

Grow Your Own Flowers Without Spending A Penny1Grow Your Own Flowers Without Spending A Penny2Grow Your Own Flowers Without Spending A Penny3Grow Your Own Flowers Without Spending A Penny4Grow Your Own Flowers Without Spending A Penny5

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How to Keep Fresh Food in the Refrigerator

Write the Date You Opened the Jar to Keep Fresh Food in the Refrigerator.


This is a handy tip I love to use to keep only fresh foods in the refrigerator. It’s a challenge to know when food is still good or has been sitting in the refrigerator for a month. You don’t want to waste food.

Keep track of  food by writing the date that you open the package with a marker. Put older foods on the top shelf to remind yourself to use them first.

It’s that easy. This is best for pasta sauce. Somehow we collect sauce and I never know when they were opened. This really helps us keep track of food.

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How to Icing Thing One and Thing Two Cupcakes

Thing One & Thing Two Cupcakes for a Dr. Seuss Party

For Lucas’ Half Birthday Party we served cupcakes that looked like Thing one and Thing Two. Here’s how to decorate the cupcakes to create the spiky blue hair of the characters.

What You’ll Need:

  • Cupcakes Baked in Red Cupcake Papers
  • Icing mixed with Blue Food Coloring
  • An icing pastry bag
  • Icing tip Wilton #12 sized



  1. Place a pastry bag in a cup.
  2. Fill Bag with icing.
    Fill pastry bag with icing in a cup.
  3. Attach the tip and trim the tip of the bag.
  4. Follow the method with this video.


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How To Remove Fuzzy Pills From Furniture

How to Remove Fuzzy Pills from Furniture4

It will drive you mad picking piece by piece from your furniture. The little fuzzy pills can come from a favorite blanket or sweater and never seem to go away. If you’re faced with problem there is an easy solution.

How to Remove Fuzzy Pills from Furniture2

I picked up this tip from Heloise and have been using it for a while. All you need is a cheap nail file or emery board. I got mine from CVS and bought a pack for a dollar or so.

Method: Take the nail file and gently rub in circles on your material.

Note: As always when trying a new method, test on a hidden area to make sure that this doesn’t destroy your couch.

Work in sections, you will notice that it takes some time but certainly works. Be mindful of your fingertips because it can be rough on them. (Unless you moonlight as an fine art or jewelry thief where you might need to remove your finger prints… then by all means have at it with gusto.)

Here is the finished product:

How to Remove Fuzzy Pills from Furniture3

Ta Da! Looks pretty good right?

You can use this method on sweaters and for the ladies: the thin lining on the inside of bras that accumulate fuzzies from sweaters… don’t laugh, you know what I mean.

I work on my couch as I catch up with my TV shows. I do it as needed or when we’re expecting company. I also look forward to purchasing a couch that does not collect pills. 🙂

Sadly, this is not the first cleaning diy for my couch, remember when it had a close encounter with a candle? Check out how to remove wax from furniture and carpeting here.

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