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    How to Make a Spring Wreath

    Spring is in the air! The weather is warming, the bulbs and flowers are starting to peak out. In this spirit, I made a spring wreath to welcome friends at the door. Supplies: 1 Grapevine wreath 12 or 18 inch 3 Bunches pansies Hot glue gun   Let’s get started! Disconnect the flowers from the bunch, these easily pulled off with a little pressure. I separated my flowers by color. Start on one side of the wreath and apply a dab of hot glue to the back of a flower and attach it to the twine. Work your way around, alternating the complimenting colors, gluing and covering with the pieces.…

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    How to Recycle Candles

    This project cleared up space in my cabinets and I was happy to reuse and repurpose my unusable candles. It takes time to allow the wax to cool, so be sure you have time to wait. I worked on different projects while going back to this one. Supplies: Old Candles Glass Jar (I used an old pasta sauce jar) Wick Large pot Newspaper Spoon or stick Wrap the wick around the spoon and position the metal tab in the center of the jar. In a large pot of boiling water, place the jars in the pot to melt the wax. If the water enters the jar it will ruin the…

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    How To Make A Winter Wreath

    In the fall, I showed How to Make A Fall Wreath. Now that it’s time to take down the beautiful orange and gold fall colors and replace them with the deep red and greens that come with Christmas and winter. This time I ended up making four wreaths for each of the homes in my family. The base for each wreath is the same. I started with a 19″ wreath. Each wreath has a medium sized bow. I chose two red, one silver, and one gold. I then picked matching ornaments to decorate three of the wreaths. I chose three blue sparkly ornaments and matching small silver bulbs to match.…

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    How To Make a Fall Wreath

    I love fall – the warm golden yellows, pumpkins, and hot apple cider. My sister tells me that I love it because my birthday is in October. That might be, but I also have a lot of fun decorating. This fall wreath will welcome friends at your door. How to make a Fall Wreath: Step One: Gather your supplies. Look out for sales, I bought the following items at Michael’s when they were having a sale. This is a good base list for a wreath, feel free to add or subtract any items you like. 1 Grapevine wreath 3 Fall artificial flowers – I chose 1 yellow mum, 1 purple…

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