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    10 Places Bacteria Hides In Your Home

    It’s just about time for spring cleaning. Today I wanted to share 10 spots that bacteria hides in your home to help tackle it. Toilet Bowl – This sounds like a given but the toilet contains 3.2 million bacteria per square inch. Which is why washing hands and regular cleaning are essential. Kitchen Drain – The second germiest place in the home is the kitchen drain. Think of all the food that catches in the drain with a wet environment for bacteria to thrive. Kitchen Sponge – Another wet home for bacteria to grow. A sponge or cloth contains 134,630 bacteria per square inch so rotate often. Faucet Handle –…

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    One Tip to Straighten Up Your Home

    This tip is liquid gold! It’s not mine, I heard it from Marliu Henner and I just had to share. Are you ready? It’s going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE. When you leave one room in your house, take something with you that belongs in the room you are going to. And then put it away. That’s it. Before you know it, your house is straightened up. Try it tonight, if you get everyone in your house to do it you’re in business. Then you will spend your weekends doing something fun instead of straightening up the house. Do you have any sure fire tips to straighten up your home? I’d…

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