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    Grow Your Own Flowers Without Spending A Penny

    I found myself singing “You gotta reduce, reuse, recycle” when I was starting flowers for my garden. I love doing things myself, saving money, and waste. So here’s how to start flowers for your garden for free. Of course you can also use this to start herbs or vegetables. It takes a little time to save up all of your supplies but it’s something we all have on hand. If you need to, you can purchase the seeds at your local nursery or store but I saved mine from last year’s flowers. Impatiens are especially fun to collect, you have to get the seeds in the bag before it explodes!…

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    How to Kill Weeds

    It’s spring and flowers are blooming and beautiful things are popping up from the ground. However, not so beautiful things are popping up as well! Weeds. Eeek. The most difficult, for me is the grass and weeds that grow through the cracks in my patio.I can’t quite get my fingers in between to pull all of it up. I like to stay away from pouring chemicals into the ground and eventually the waterways so I was excited to try this Eco-friendly method. Applying vinegar to the weeds. I found this method in Pinterest from the site A Garden for the House. The website suggests spraying the weeds but I poured…

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    A Flower Pot Trick

    If you’re gearing up for spring planting, Here’s a quick tip to keep your dirt in the pots instead of spilling out the bottom! All you need is a few coffee filters. Place them in each pot before filling with potting soil. You’re good to go!

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