• Tips

    The Clean Fifteen

    Last Monday, I wrote about the Dirty Dozen and this week is about the Clean Fifteen. These are the foods that are most protect and least sprayed per the Environmental Working Group. Onions Sweet Corn Pineapples Avocado Cabbage Sweet Peas Asparagus Mangoes Eggplant Kiwi Cantaloupe – Domestic Sweet Potatoes Grapefruit Watermelon Mushrooms So if you are unable to buy the dirty dozen as organic, these fruits and veggies will offer great nutrition without the chemicals. I hope this list helps you when you are shopping. What are your favorite foods that are on the Clean 15 list?

  • Fitness

    Trying New Fruits and Vegetables

      In today’s post Kathy is talking about how to add more fruits and vegetables to our diets. When eating fruits and vegetables, you can fall into a habit of eating the same ones.  Here is a fun way to get fruits and vegetables in every day.  If you have children, they will have fun finding different things to eat as well. Each day of the week, choose a color and find a fruit and a vegetable that is that color.  For instance, if you start with green, you may choose zucchini and a granny smith apple.  Red maybe a tomato and strawberries.  Try as many different varieties as you…

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