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    10 Free Things To Do This Summer

    It’s summer and everyone is ready to get out of the house and have some fun. Today’s post is 10 ways to have a great time without spending a penny, a win win. Story time at Barnes and Noble– Sit and listen to a story this summer. We love to go to Barnes and Noble and listen to stories once a week, and afterward we work on a craft or coloring. It’s totally free, unless Mom or Dad takes a trip to the in store Starbucks. Check out the library – Following up on story time, libraries offer story times, movies, and other great programs or activities during the week.…

  • Fitness

    Reasons to Change

    What are your reasons to change and live a healthier lifestyle? Kathy shares hers in today’s guest post. As we welcome our newest member of our family, my grandson Lucas, I think back on all of the reasons to get rid of those bad habits and get healthier.  I believe that everyone should make changes for themselves not to make anyone else happy but for themselves.  Each one of us have our own reasons for losing weight and throughout the course of my journey, I have found reasons that I never thought of before. Most importantly, I am so glad that I lost weight and continue a healthy lifestyle so…

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    Lucas | ab.d30

    Welcome to the world baby Lucas!!!  This is a photo of my new baby nephew Lucas. Isn’t he a sweetheart? You may remember, we had a baby shower for my sister in July. Here’s here!! We’re so excited for him to arrive!

  • Fitness

    Eating Healthy as a Family at Christmas

    Today Kathy is sharing ideas about eating healthy as a family during the holiday. Just 4 days left before Christmas and the whole family is getting ready.  We have talked about the importance of healthy eating around the holidays and some ideas to get through those days with lots of food.  Keep in mind that children need to be eating healthier as well. Starting with Christmas dinner, encourage your children to eat more of the healthier foods and just a little less of the fattier foods.  So many kids don’t like to eat the fruits and vegetables.  I like to cut fresh fruit and veggies in bite size pieces so…

  • Entertaining

    Preparing for Out of Town Guests

    With the holidays comes travel, family, friends and trips! I am lucky enough to have visitors on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, I am picking up my Mom and Sister from the airport today for a weekend trip today. :)That’s why I wanted to write a little post about preparing for out of town guests. Sometimes we get wrapped up in cleaning the house and doing laundry that we forget why we’re doing all of these things. Having a cozy home is important but spending time with loved ones is the reason for the trip. Here are a few things to keep in mind for your overnight…

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