• Fitness

    Having a Workout Buddy

    Kathy is joining us this week to talk about the benefits of having a workout buddy and how a it keeps her on track. When it comes to weight loss, it really comes down to us individually.  We are the ones responsible for our own choices, our decisions and what we put in our mouths.  We also could use a little support.  Many times, we hear of having a partner or “Buddy” when you walk or exercise.  It is a great idea.  Having someone to talk to while you are walking makes the time go faster.  It is also a great way to catch up with your friend.  I have…

  • Tips

    Community Restaurants | Soul Kitchen

    Restaurants that operate on a “pay what you can” policy are becoming more popular and well known. Recently, rocker Jon Bon Jovi and the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation opened Soul Kitchen. Soul Kitchen is a community restaurant and a pay what you can restaurant in Redbank, New Jersey. Soul Kitchen describes a community restaurant as “a place where individuals or families can come to eat a hot, nutritious meal in a warm, welcoming setting and meet their neighbors.” “Soul Kitchen serves a 3-course meal based on American Regional cuisine, starting with your choice of salad or soup, followed by a choice of a fish dish, a meat dish or…

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