Quick Broccoli Tofu Rice Bowl | Recipe

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Sometimes you have to put together a quick meal. You don’t have to head to a drive through to do so. This meal translates really well into lunch. Make a bunch and put it in travel containers.


  • Brown Rice Cooked, 1 Cup per serving
  • Broccoli, steamed 1 cup per serving
  • Trader Joe’s Savory Baked Tofu, 1 block per serving
  • Low sodium soy sauce
  • Pepper


  1. Heat up a skillet or George Foreman grill.
  2. Spritz skillet with your olive oil sprayer and brown tofu on each side.
  3. Slice tofu into rectangles.
  4. Assemble bowl with 1 cup rice, then 1 cup broccoli (or your favorite veggie), add pepper and a bit of soy sauce. Top with tofu.
  5. Enjoy.

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