How To Prepare a Freezer Breakfast

Image Copyright Lindsay Ann Loft.

I love having a quick breakfast that tastes like it took a while to make. I’ve been making my Banana Oatmeal Waffles when I have a spare browning banana. If we can’t eat all of them, I make more and save them for later. Here’s how to save them and cook them in a flash. 🙂

  1. Follow the recipe for blender waffles.
  2. Set each waffle on a cooling rack.
  3. Prepare sheets of wax paper.
  4. Place a sheet of wax paper between each waffle and gently place in a freezer bag.
  5. Freeze on a flat surface, this way it will freeze flat.
Image Copyright Lindsay Ann Loft.

Quickly cook:

  1. Pull desired waffles out of the freezer bag.
  2. Pop in a toaster oven and cook for a few minutes.
  3. Cook until fragrant. You will smell the vanilla extract and the waffles will begin to get toasty brown.
  4. Enjoy!

This way you can have weekend waffles during the week!

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