How to Make Vegetable Stock

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Buying vegetable stock in stores can be quite pricey. The good news is that stock is so easy to to make at home! Use this method to make soups, season rice, crock pot meals or add to any dish that might need extra flavor. It’s incredibly flexible so add whatever left over scraps you have on hand. Keep in mind it will effect what you’re making for example bell pepper scraps.

  1. Save onion, garlic, carrot, and celery scraps from your weekly meals. Place each of these in a large freezer bag and store in the freezer.
  2. When the bag is full, place all frozen vegetable scraps in a large stock pot and fill with water.
  3. Add a palmful of parsley, a teaspoon of black pepper, a bit of sea salt (optional) and any other spices you prefer. I also like to chop up an onion and toss it in for extra flavor – but that is optional.
  4. Bring to a boil.
  5. Simmer for 1 hour.
  6. Allow stock to cool and strain into a large bowl. Do this in the sink to avoid a mess!
  7. Transfer stock to containers for storage. I use large containers and put them in the freezer so that I can take them out to make soups and stews. Keep in mind that with glass containers your stock will expand, allow for this expansion and freeze prior to screwing on the lid.
  8. Start the process all over again.

A few things, this stock will not be as salty as you’re used to with commercially produced broth and stocks. If this causes a problem, add a bit of sea salt while cooking or use without and season your dish accordingly.  Another idea is to freeze stock in ice cube trays and store them in plastic freezer bags for whenever you need a burst of flavor. Alternatively, you can toss all ingredients into a slow cooker and cook all day.

You will not only save money on stock and broth you will re-purpose the scraps and get more use out of what you normally would have tossed away!

Do you make your own stock?

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