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Pinterest Experiment: Foaming Dish Soap

Foaming Dish Soap

I love the foaming hand soap from bath and body works. I have saved the bottles in hopes that I can use it in the future.

I was very excited when I saw this Pinterest post from Frugal Girls. She made a foaming baby wash. I adapted this idea to make a foaming dish soap and it worked fantastically!

I’ve found that my dish soap can be wasted when using a big bottle, without thinking I can squirt a good bit of soap in a pot or on a dishrag.  This method really helps to cut back on the intensity of the soap used while still cleaning with the suds.

Foaming Dish Soap2

A quick tip: If you tend to use the same scents of hand soaps, do not wait until all of the liquid is gone. Use the new bottle and when there is enough room, simply dump the old bottle into the new bottle. You will drive yourself crazy waiting for the soap to finish in a near empty bottle.Foaming Dish Soap3

Use whatever dish soap you like.

Foaming Dish Soap5

Fill the bottle with 3/4 to 1 inch of dish soap.

Foaming Dish Soap4

Gently, add water to the bottle. Leave a gap of 1/2 inch of the bottle and slowly replace the lid or you will get a volcano effect.  Guess how I learned that tid bit? 🙂 Slowly invert the bottle to mix the water and soap. You don’t want to shake the bottle.

Foaming Dish Soap6

Use one or two pumps when washing dishes or as needed. I love not having a huge bottle of dish soap on my sink and I can use this cute little bottle.

This was super easy, I suggest you give it a try!

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