A Busy Week

This week I had a visit from my sister Tori and her husband Andrew. We took advantage of the beautiful weather and what New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia had to offer! Here are some photo highlights.

Tori and Lady Liberty.
Ellis Island.
Lady Liberty.
9/11 Memorial.
9/11 Memorial.
Survivor Tree at the Memorial.
Survivor Tree Leaf.
Lindsay and Tori at the Philadelphia Zoo.
Giraffe at the Philadelphia Zoo.
Hippos at the Philadelphia Zoo.
Bird with Squeaky Toy.

I was so entertained that they gave the zoo animals toys that Roxy plays with. The wild dog had kong toys and this bird (not sure what he is?) had a squeaky toy.

Wild Dog at Philadelphia Zoo.

This wild dog sits just like Roxy does.

Bald Eagle at the Philadelphia Zoo.
Prairie Dog at the Philadelphia Zoo.
Tori and Starry Night. At the MoMA in New York.

We had a great trip! I forgot to take photos from our trip to Atlantic City and our visit to Newsies on Broadway. We had so much fun!

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