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How To Make a Healthy Pizza

Pizza is one of my favorite foods, I call my homemade pizza Mama Lindsay’s! And although pizza often gets a bad wrap as an unhealthy food, it can be as healthy as you want to make it! Here are a few ideas to put together a healthy and delicious pizza.

  • Cut back on cheese – When I first made pizza, I used to use the entire bag of cheese I had bought at the grocery store. As tasty as it is, cheese tends to have a lot of calories and fat. If you make your pizza the right way, you wont miss the extra mozzarella. One way to add flavor is to….
  • Add lots of flavorful vegetables – The more veggies the better! I like to use this as an opportunity to empty my fridge. Do you have half of a red onion? some miscellaneous broccoli? a can of pineapples in the cabinet? Throw it on! If you have left over grilled chicken you can add that too. The more vegetables you add the less cheese you need, resulting in more flavor and less calories and fat! If you’re feeling adventurous, skip the cheese all together, and cover your pie with vegetables.
  • Check your sauce – Just like pasta sauce, pizza sauce can have added sugar. Sugar is in a lot of foods and we don’t think about it. This is an opportunity to cut out the extra sugar. If you can’t find a sauce you like; open a can of diced tomatoes and drain them or use a cup of crushed tomatoes. Another idea is to make a white pizza with sliced tomatoes and a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil.
  • Spice up your pizza with seasonings – Break in the spice rack and start using spices or try using fresh basil or oregano. This is an easy way to add flavor without added calories and fat. Be sure to choose like spices and don’t go over board. I enjoy crushed red pepper flakes, Italian seasoning, oregano, black pepper.
  • Change up your crust – If you make your own crust, substitute whole wheat flour into your recipe. If you buy your dough, stores now offer wheat pizza dough. Try it! Something to keep in mind is to roll the dough until it is thin, this will both cut back on gratuitous carbohydrates and provide a nice crispy crust.
  • Pair your pie with a green salad – This isn’t a tip for the pizza but it will help you eat one less slice. If you make a green garden salad and have it with your first slice, I’m willing to bet you will eat one less slice of pizza. You’ll feel better about pizza night and at the same time adding veggie nutrients and antioxidants to your meal.

Do you make your own pizza? What do you do to make to make your pizza healthy? Do you eat a green salad with your meals? I’d love to hear your pizza making ideas!

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