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How To Make A Winter Wreath

In the fall, I showed How to Make A Fall Wreath. Now that it’s time to take down the beautiful orange and gold fall colors and replace them with the deep red and greens that come with Christmas and winter. This time I ended up making four wreaths for each of the homes in my family.

The base for each wreath is the same. I started with a 19″ wreath. Each wreath has a medium sized bow. I chose two red, one silver, and one gold. I then picked matching ornaments to decorate three of the wreaths. I chose three blue sparkly ornaments and matching small silver bulbs to match. The two with the red bow are matching, each will have two red birds. I chose gold balls to match this ornament. With the fourth wreath, I chose a poinsettia with three flowers and a bunch of berry twigs.

First, I attached the bow. Try to place it over any empty patches in your wreath (they’re not symmetrical), use your eye and see what works best. The bows I purchased had twist ties already attached, I used these to fasten it to the right branch and location. Once I was sure that I had the spot that I liked, I applied hot glue to hold it into place.

Next, balance the weight of the bow with your ornaments or flowers. If you placed your bow at the upper right corner, I like did, try to balance the weight and color of the lower left corner. Place your focal ornaments where you feel they should go. Take a walk across the room and see how you feel about your set up, after all, this is how people will view your wreath. Once you’ve made a decision on the location of the ornaments, attach the ribbon to a branch with hot glue.

Third, add your accents. This could be the small ornament balls or the berry sprigs. Use these to visually connect your pieces. Don’t over do it, they are there to look like a casual addition, not the star of the show. The small plastic ornaments were built so that I could easily disconnect them and reconnect them with the hook around the branch. This method saved me a lot of time and frustration trying to glue 27 bulbs to branches. If you can do this way I say go for it.

The wreath base that I purchased came with a wire design that allows for easy hanging. If you don’t have this, use a spare piece of wire left over from your berry branch or flowers to create a loop to hang your beautiful winter wreath.

Mix up your ornaments and focal pieces. I used ornaments because I found them to be interesting, feel free to use fun ornaments or toys, attach cinnamon scented pine cones or search nature for additions.

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