How to Save a Few Minutes Everyday

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Time is something we never seem to have enough of. I know I don’t! Just writing this post I’m behind my schedule. In an effort to improve the time we have to do things we love and enjoy. Like blogging. 🙂 I’ve written this post that will hopefully help you to save a few minutes everyday. Here are a few ideas that can be simply added into your routine.

  1. Throw in a Load of Laundry as soon as you wake up. By the time you complete your work out you can pop it into the dryer. By the time you finish showering and getting ready it will be dry! Fold or hang up if you have time or fluff when you get home and put away when you have a free moment at night. If you do this every morning you weekends will be free of laundry!
  2. Have a designated chopping day. I elaborated more in a post here. The general idea is, you put together a menu for the week and then prep the food on a prep day like Saturday or Sunday.
  3. Do a little each day. If my chores accumulate for a big day of cleaning on Saturday or Sunday I get overwhelmed. Maintain with daily chores instead of weekly and you will keep a tight ship. Of course, heavy cleaning will be needed but not as often and won’t need as much elbow grease.
  4. My favorite tip! When ever you leave a room take something with you that belongs at your destination. I wrote about this in a tip here. It’s a marvelous plan. It makes you more productive and conscious of your environment.
  5. Pick workout outfits the night before. Set out your clothes, shoes and socks the night before. No excuses in the morning when you need to work out!
  6. Deal with it now. Procrastination is the worst and adds more time to a task than needed. Often I feel better when I get through it and have it done.
  7. Make Lists. As I’ve written about before, I’m a list making fool. Make a list of what you need at a store, where you need to go, what you need to do. Plan the fastest trip and path to get everything done. You will save time and money on gas.
  8. Set a timer for facebook, twitter, and pinterest.
  9. Turn off the TV. My husband and I have been experimenting with this and we’re actually more productive! Of course we like to catch up with our TV shows but its amazing how little you miss.
  10. Schedule me time. Spend time on yourself. If you feel good, relaxed, recharged, you’ll be much more equipped to deal with the day.

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