How to Make Lists Work For You

I love lists. I find them to be an incredibly helpful way to organize my days, months, and life. I think I make lists about lists. There is something so satisfied about crossing off items after they are done.

Here are a few thoughts about how to make lists work for you:

  1. To Do Lists – List your to dos and organize them by dates you expect them to be competed. I find it easier to make a weekend list and a long term list. On my weekend list I have short term things like: Grocery Shopping, Laundry, Stop at the Bank, etc. On my long term list I write long term plans (even if they’re simple things), such as Find Lamps for the Living Room, Repair a Broken Cabinet Door, Make Freezable Meals, etc.
  2. Ideas – When I brainstorm for the blog, I make lists and then put my lists into my calendar. I write down ideas on scraps of paper and on my iPhone but they always end up in lists. Creative thoughts don’t tend to stick around in your head. Write them down! Then put them into a list and put them into action!
  3. Bucket Lists – It may sound silly, but I find it very satisfying to cross of an item from my bucket list. I did earlier this year with the “earthquake” we had in New York or when I launched Lindsay Ann Loft. This is a great opportunity to write down life goals. With a tangible reminder you’re sure to be more motivated to make plans.
  4. Health & Exercise Goals – Dreams are much more tangible when they are on paper. Once you start making a list of dreams they become goals, and then you can figure out how to achieve them. Write down simple health and exercise goals such as add a salad to my dinner every night this week, drink more water, or do 30 minutes of exercise a day.
  5. Book List – I make lists of books that I want to read. I find it frustrating when a friend recommends a book that they can’t put down but then I forget and when I’m looking for the next big read. I’m stumped. I keep a list of books hanging around in my purse or at my desk. It’s a bonus when you can borrow the book from a friend!
  6. Gift Lists – Gift lists are such a biggie for me, this goes a long the lines of my book lists. I get ideas for Christmas or birthday gifts but then forget them! I make a mental note of when someone tells me they need something and when I get home I write it down. It’s a great feeling to give someone something they need and can use as a gift.
  7. Work Lists – This isn’t as much of a to do as it is a list of what you’ve accomplished. Keep track of big projects, important contributions, and events. This is very helpful when updating your resume and is nice to reference before having a meeting to review your performance.

Do you make lists? What kinds of lists do you make? How do you structure your lists? Do you get the same sense of satisfaction as I do when you check off a completed item? Please share your ideas (in list form) below!

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